Top 100 Absolutely Best Quotes Ever Quotations

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Always do your best. What you plant
now, you will harvest later. By Og Mandino.
Quotes On Life Lessons:  
Few people attain great lives, in large
part because it is just so easy to settle for
a good life - By Jim Collins
Gratitude is absolutely the way to bring
more into your life. By Marci Shimoff
Many of us spend our lives searching for
success when it is usually so close that
we can reach out and touch it. By Russell Conwell

All that we are is the result of what we
have thought. The mind is everything.
What we think, we become. By Buddha
We usually get what we anticipate. By Claude M. Bristol
Until you value yourself, you won't value
your time. Until you value your time,
you will not do anything with it. By M. Scott Peck

Quotes On Life Lessons
If you don't make things happen then
things will happen to you. By Robert Collier
Every thought we think is creating our
future. By Louise Hay
There is no one who is totally evil to the
core. The fact that someone harbors
opposing emotions simply makes them
human. By Masaru Emoto

People who believe they cause good
things tend to like themselves better
people who believe good things
come from other people or
circumstances. By Martin E.P. Seligman
Follow your bliss, and doors will open
for you that you never knew existed. By Joseph Campbell
I feel no need for any other faith than
my faith in the kindness of human
beings. By Pearl S. Buck

The true benefit of kindness is being
kind. Perhaps more than any other
factor, kindness gives meaning and
value to our life. By Piero Ferrucci
In this life, we cannot do great things.
We can only do small things with great
love. By Mother Teresa
Imagination is more important than
knowledge. By Albert Einstein
Live out of your imagination, not your
history. By Steven Covey
The first step is to be absolutely clear
about what you want. By John Assaraf

I live not in dreams but in contemplation of a reality that is perhaps the
future. By Maria Rilke
Change your thoughts and you change
your world. By Vincent Peale
Your mind is your greatest weapon. BY  J. Lieberman
All successful people men and women
are big dreamers. They imagine what
their future could be.  By Brian Tracy
Those who dream by day are cognizant
of many things that escape those who
dream only at night. By Allan Poe
Quotes On Life Lessons : Unfortunately, many people do not
consider fun an important item on their
daily agenda. For me, that was always
a high priority in whatever I was doing. By Chuck Yeager

There is nothing that you cannot be, or
do, or have. You are a magnificent
creator. By Esther Hicks
I never did a day's work in my life. It
was all fun. By Thomas Edison
A man sooner or later discovers that he
is the master-gardener of his soul, the
director of his life. By James Allen
Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid
for attention on the part of the actor. It's
a gift to the world and every being in it.
Don't cheat us of your contribution. Give
us what you've got. By Steven Pressfield
Quotes On Life Lessons : 
The opposite of courage in our society is
not cowardice, it is conformity. By Rollo May

You have to believe that you are the one
who creates your success, that you are
the one who creates your mediocrity. By T. Harv Eker
Whatever you do, do it with all your
might. Work at it, early and late, in
season and out of season, not leaving a
stone unturned. By P. T. Barnum
Find yourself and express yourself in
your own particular way. Express your
love openly. Life is nothing but a dream,
and if you create your life with love, your
dream becomes a masterpiece of art. BY Don Miguel
You can't get much done in life if you
only work on the days when you feel
good. By Jerry West
We are called to be architects of the
future, not its victims. By Fuller
Creativity is a central source of meaning
in our lives . . . most of the things that
are interesting, important, are the
results of creativity.

It is not a mistake to commit a mistake,
for no one commits a mistake knowing it
to be one. But it is a mistake not to
correct the mistake after knowing it to
be one. If you are afraid of committing a
mistake, you are afraid of doing
anything at all. By Mahatma Gandhi, 
A good plan executed now is better than
a perfect plan next week. By George S.
You never achieve success unless you
like what you are doing. By Dale Carnegie
Personal success is achieved when you
feel really good about your past, present,
and future. By John Gray

If you do what you've always done, you'll
get what you've always gotten. By Anthony Robbins
quotes on life lessons People who are optimistic 
see a failure as due to something that can 
be changed so that they can succeed next 
time around. By Daniel Goleman
If we had to overcome every possible
objection before we got started, then
nothing - absolutely nothing - would
ever get accomplished. By Richard Carlson
Accept responsibility for your life. Know
that it is you who will get you where you
want to go, no one else. BY Les Brown
Don't wait. The time will never be just
right. By Napoleon Hill
My best friend is a person who will give
me a book I have not read. By Abraham Lincoln
It is a good thing for an uneducated man
to read books of quotations. By Winston Churchill
Inner wisdom is more important than
wealth. The more you spend it, the more
you gain. By Oprah Winfrey
For virtually everything that you want to
do there are books and courses on how
to do it. By Jack Canfield
The person who won’t read has no
advantage over the person who can’t
read. By Mark Twain


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